BYTE RP Plugin


BYTE RP is our very own role-play management plugin, and runs the role play part of the server for us, integrating into several of our other plugins.

you can use the following to help you

/realname <playername> – checks the actual username of the player behind the Roleplay nickname

/card <player> – shows the players character card, you can type either character name here or username


it has the following commands & features:

  • /card ;
    • name:
      • Sets both your card role-play name and also changes your speech name in chat. this centralises your name and makes sure it is the same in chat as it is in the character cards.
    • Age:
      • Sets your role-play card age, this will also let NPCs you chat to know your age and may affect chat with them.
    • Gender:
      • Sets your role-play card gender, and also lets NPCs you chat to know your gender which again will affect how they talk with you.
    • Race:
      • Sets not only your race on your RP card but also changes your race rank on our heroes plugin. this will affect what skills and stats you have and how you rank up.
    • Profession:
      • The only card detail you cannot change directly, clicking this will take you to the heroes path choices. selecting a profession in Heroes has the most affect on how you rank up on BYTE. BYTE RP will then pick your profession from heroes to show it on your card.
    • Realm:
      • There are many realms or provinces in Byteland, but everyone has a home. Choose your province from the list to act as your place of birth to base your RP around. Or choose Outlander if your origins are not known.
    • Desc:
      • Here you can enter a brief description of your character for people to read to get a general feel for who your character really is..


  • /bird;
    • player <message>:
      • Send the chosen player a bird with a message on, this is a little like instant messaging but has a nice RP feel about it. Birds will take a length of time to get to the player depending on how far away they are.
  • /roll <number>:
    • Allows you to “roll” a virtual dice to decide outcomes if you are at a stalemate. /roll 6 will generate a random number between 1 and 6, it will also send this result to players nearby so they know what you have rolled.


** This plugin is created and developed by us so post on our forums if you have any ideas or suggestions about how it can be improved.. we listen to our players 🙂