BYTE Commands

Control your destiny

General Commands
  • /spawn

Jump to the worlds spawn point

  • /sethome

Set your home at the point you are standing (1 home per player)

  • /home

Return to your home set above



Protection Commands
  • /town  –

This controls all the town permissions, creating, joining and leaving

  • /plot

Plot control within the town, buy a plot,  sell a plot, or set plot permissions

  •  /ps

Precious stones commands for bandit camp protection

  • /lwc

LWC protection for chests, doors, furnaces etc

Character Commands
  • /hero

Hero specific Commands

  • /level

Show your class, profession, levels and exp

  • /v

Vampire command, use abilities and check yourself for infection

  • /jobs stats

View job level and exp

  • /rep

Show your reputation stats

Economy Commands
  • /econ /money /bal

Check your coin balance (it is also shown on the scoreboard to the right of the screen)

  • /pay <player> <amount>

Pay another player money

  • /shop

Open the server main shop window where you can trade points for cash, or purchase kit buildings

RPG Commands
  • /disease

Check your health and any diseases you may have as well as info on them and how to cure them

  • /Thirst

Check your thirst levels – also shown in side scoreboard

  • /pray

Pray to the gods for rewards

  • /clan

Control your bandit clan

  • /cannons

Get help on cannon construction and use

  • /brew

Potions and beers

  • /pilot /release /cruise /cruiseoff /rotateleft /rotateright /manoverboard

Ship & airship move commands