The Eastern Isles

The Enemy of the Empire..

evilThe East is not a friendly place for Bytelanders, the ruling Governer of the Helion nation bears a grudge against the Emperor himself, and would see the Empire destroyed if he could.

Once a staunch ally of the Empire, the governor was betrayed by the High General from the province of Wayland, loosing not only land but also his son in the ensuing battle. Supplies sent to the east after the floods that wrecked the land in the ensuring years, turning the once fertile plains into fetid swamp, were also intercepted by bandits and never reached the desperate hellion nation.

Blaming the Emperor for the incidents and the delay in sending aid to his side during the conflict he broke away from the Empire and vowed to get his revenge on those that had wronged his family.


The capital of the nation of Helion, once perched atop a high cliff overlooking its harbour, it now stands firm amongst the flooded and vile swamps that now surround it. The governors house sits in the town square, not far from the Mage of the East, who sits atop the mountain divining the goings on of the west to him.

Beware the guards, they will only accept you if you are a part of the hellion nation or they will attack.

Get to hellion via the Newport docks, there is a captured ship you can use the transport yourself to Yaxley docks

Swamp generator