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Fight with monsters, complete quests, sail ships, brew and drink beer, explore custom worlds, fire cannons, catch diseases, trade cargo, and much much more.

Info & Changlog

Amazing music from BrunuhVille BUY NOW
New Hero ranks
Sell your goods at the Newport warehouses – ask an admin
Army soldier now tougher and stronger
Heroes classes rebalanced
Better ship classes for heros


Get Started..

  1. Grab the Conquest Texture Pack You can use default, and we build in default so the world looks good, but conquest makes it look great!
  2. Decide on your Race Are you Human? Elf? Dwarf? or Sentrul? find a different set of traits for your character
  3. Decide on your profession What career path will you follow, Mysterious Mage, Sneaky Rogue, Tough Cleric or Noble Warrior .
  4. Get a cool skin that matches your race and profession  A good skin improves the role playing experience for everyone
  5. Read the rules Knowing the rules is a good idea even though they mostly are common sense.
  6. Join or create a town on the server Towns are the best way to get a gang of friends – also they protect all your builds and shelter you from mobs, but don’t forget to put money into the town to pay for taxes. (if you don’t want to pay tax you can protect your camp with a precious stone)
  7. Explore the world of BYTE Build ships, brew beer, go questing, hire armies, besiege castles with cannons, chat with denizens, ride dragons, get a job, build cities, fly airships and explore the massive world open to you.

Get Involved..

Take a look at our plugins, there are a lot of them and they each bring a lot of features to the game, from brewing beer to flying airships, you don’t have to use them.. its just more fun if you do.

The main plugins are listed in the top menu, but also visit our wiki to see more smaller plugin features which are still amazing fun.

Get Connected..

Check out on facebook for more news and updates.

If you want to have a chat with other players on the server – either for joint builds or while attempting adventures then check out out our discord page–

 Get connected here…

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