Jobs and the Economy

Start working to earn money

Money makes the world go round..

Money is not essential on BYTE but it sure helps, everything you can buy you can craft as well with the exception of a few market items such as muskets and crossbows.

If you are wanting to join or start a town then money becomes very important as rent and taxes will need to be paid. If you don’t want to get involved in that you can get a camp protection stone and use that to protect your camp or town.

Having money also enables you to buy ships and hire mercenaries if you are going to war…

Here are a few ways to get coins..


Minecraft Jobs Plugin

The best way to earn money is to get a job.. this doesn’t mean you have to work for someone in particular, just go the job centre and select a job or speciality to train in. This will cost you an initial 10 coins to train but it’s worth it. Just click on the sign and select your job. You may only have one job at a time.

You can join the following jobs:

Woodcutter: Earn money by felling trees

Miner: Earn money by mining ores

Digger: Earn money by terraforming the world

Farmer: Earn money by farming crops.

Hunter: Earn money by killing animals

This money will automatically be added to your account as you mine or chop etc. you can also rank up as your skill in the job increases, earning more money per action




Traders are scattered around the land and buy up certain things – usually crafted items they can resell easily, pop in and see what they buy, you can then craft them and sell them for cold hard coins

Most large towns and the province capitals all have traders in them where you can sell your wares



You are able on BYTE to create your very own company, this is a method of trading together as a town or a group.

Employ other players and set their wages, as company employees they are able to stock your company chest shop, other players can then purchase goods from those shops earning the company money which then pays the employees.

As a company you can also apply on the forums for a trade space at Newport trade warehouse to increase your sales to players.



Another way of getting money is to go on quests, by completing them you will earn money from the quest giver for doing such a great job.


Killing Mobs

Killing mobs in the world may cause some coins to do dropped from their cold dead pockets, they look like gold nuggets but when picked up will just add coins to your purse.