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  • Build a cannon out of blocks
  • Fire different projectiles to smash your enemy
  • Use redstone to fire guns from distance
  • Rapid fire with auto-load possible
  • Cannons will stay load and aligned due to the database
  • Movement plugins (e.g. Movecraft, iSail) are supported if a cannon has a sign to store a tag

How to use it

This plugin was created to make cannons which can really be fired. Build the barrel with 3 wool blocks  and attach a button on both ends. Put a torch on the first block of the barrel and the system will recognize the cannon.

The cannon must be loaded with sulfur and a cannonball (e.g. cobblestone) by right clicking on the barrel with the item selected in your hand. The more gunpowder you load in the barrel the farther the cannon ball will fly and the more penetration it will have.

To increase the vertical firing angle, right click the upper or lower side of the barrel with empty hands. By right clicking on the side of the barrel the horizontal firing angle can be increased. Shift+right click will decrease the angle. You can also aim by using the aiming mode. Click with the clock on the barrel and look in the direction you want to fire. If you have loaded and adjusted the gun right click the torch to fire.

The cannon can also be fired with a redstone torch underneath the barrel. For the ‘autofire’ mode you need to place a chest next to the block with the torch above (how it should look like). Load gunpowder and the projectile into it and the cannon will reload automatically. You have to wear a helmet to protect yourself else the noise of the gun blast will confuse you.


Cannons provides a few commands to interact with the plugin. All commands can be accessed with the prefix ‘/cannons’ in-game and a few admin commands via ‘cannons’ from the console. Writing ‘/cannons’ in-game will display a short preview of other help commands.

/cannons build

This command gives you a short introduction how to build a cannon. The text is configurable in the localisation file.

/cannons fire

Since we have now built our cannon we would like to know how can we fire such a thing. This message is configurable via localisation file.

/cannons adjust

You probably missed your first shoot. So read more how to aim with a cannon. Text is again adjustable via localisation file.

/cannons list

Since the amount of cannons can be limited for one player it might be interesting to know where these cannons are. This command is available in two different types. As player command which returns the list of your cannons, or as admin command. The admin command will list all available cannons on the server on default. Use ‘/cannons list NAME’ to specify the command.

Note that the admin or console command will overwrite the player command.

 /cannons reset

You built to many cannons and no idea where they are. This command will remove all your cannons from the database. There is also a command available for admins to remove cannons of other player available (‘/cannons reset NAME’).

Note: ‘/cannons reset’ will not work for admin to prevent unintended reset of his cannons. Admins have to use ‘/cannons reset MYNAME’ to remove their cannons.