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Locks and Lockpicking is an lock-picking plugin, with features including locks, keys, lockpicks and much more! 

Locks and Lockpicking integrates with Minecraft crafting mechanics, meaning players will never have to bother with commands or sign’s.


  • 6 types of locks
  • traps
  • keys which can open multiple locks
  • lockpicks with a interactive lockpicking minigame instead of boring old chance
  • can lock doors, chests and shulker boxes
  • locked doors, chests and shulker boxes can only be broken with the right key


How To use

Crafting Keys and Locks
this is the default recipes, you can change these in the crafting.yml
the key id says blank until you actually craft it where after it gets a unique id, the id looks like player uuids but they not in anyway coupled with the player who made the key. you can also make two keys have the same id simply take the one with the id you want, and drop on top of another key now they will have the same id, this is useful for sharing with friends
Create a Key
the locks id doesn’t need to be blank you can override other peoples locks, if you want. multiple locks can have the same id, this allows for multiple keys to open multiple locks.
Picking Locks
when picking the wrong cylinder there is a chance for you getting kicked out and the code resetting and one for a lockpick breaking. the default chance for getting kicked out is 10% for tier I, and a increase of 5% per tier above 1 and for lockpick breaking 30 for tier 1 and a 8% increase per tier above.


traps are placed in the slot next to the lock.
The potion trap can be filled with any type of vanilla potion or splash potion, and will apply/throw a copy of that potion at any player who fails to lockpick your lock.
filling is simple, you simply drag a potion over and drop it on the potion trap, if the potion trap already have some potion in it, then it most be of same type and strength,
you can also empty a potion trap by holding it and right clicking with it.
this simple yet really useful trap, simply turns the block just beneath the locked item into a redstone block for 2 ticks. this can be used to make all kinds of traps from the floor disappearing to shooting arrows