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/ps allow [player/g:group/c:clan/*] …

Adds one or more players, groups or ScimpleClan clans to the allowed list of the field you’re standing on. Allow * to allow all players

/ps allowall [player/g:group/c:clan/*] …

Same as /ps allow but it allows to all of your force fields. Careful with this one.

/ps allowed

Will tell you who is allowed inside the field you are standing on.

/ps blacklistcommand [command]

Blaclists command usage inside your fields. Players inside your field will not be able to use the commands you add with this.

Usage: /ps blacklistcommand fly

/ps blacklistcommand clear

Clears the blacklist on the field

/ps bypass <on/off>

Toggles bypass mode, meaning it turns off bypass permissions if have them, enabling you to play the game following pstone rules

/ps counts

Lists all the fields you own and gives you a count.

/ps changeowner [name]

Change the owner of the field to someone else. This other person must then right click on the block with a tool to take ownership.

/ps density

Change the visualization density. A value of 1 gives you only field outlines. A value of 2 divides each side by 2, 8 by 8, etc. Another thing to note is that the density value is also the size of field that will draw completely full. For example with a value of 8 will allow you to fully visualize fields up to 8x8x8, fields larger than this will start to have empty spaces. Use density of 0 to disable visualizations.

/ps enable/disable

Enable/Disable individual fields. Any effect the forcefields have will be disabled while the field is disabled, though the actual stone is protected and cannot be stolen.

/ps fields

List the fields types on your server.

/ps hide/unhide

Hides/unhides the field you are standing on or pointing at, or all your fields.

/ps info

Get info for the field you’re standing on.

/ps locations

View your own field locations

/ps more

Shows next page of data. i.e. when you are looking at a menu and such.

/ps remove [player/g:group/c:clan/*]

Remove player or list of players from the allowed list the field you’re standing on. Allow * to allow all players. You can also specify groups or SimpleClans clan tags.

/ps removeall [player/g:group/c:clan/*]

Removes one or more players from all your force-fields. Allow * to allow all players.

/ps setinterval [secs]

Sets the interval at which grief revert blocks will auto-revert all grief

/ps setlimit [time]

Set the renting limit on the field

/ps setname [name]

Set the name of field you’re aiming or standing on. This is used in the welcome and farewell messaging.

/ps setradius [radius]

Sets the field’s radius, must be lower than the configured radius.

/ps setvelocity [.1-5]

Sets the velocity of launchers/cannons (0 = auto).

/ps snitch

List or clean the intruders of the Proximity Snitch you’re pointing at.

/ps toggle [flag]

Disabled/enables a specific flag from a field. You can customize your fields this way. Admins get to select which fields are toggable by adding the toggle modifier ? before the field flag in the config.

/ps translocation delete

Delete all blocks in field, event the field’s name will be deleted

/ps translocation delete [id] [id] …

Delete specific blocks

/ps translocation import [id] [id] …

Import specific blocks, can have data values as well

/ps translocation import

Import all blocks in field

/ps translocation list

Lists stored translocations

/ps translocation remove [id] [id] …

Remove specific blocks from the translocation and placed back on the world

/ps translocation unlink …

Unlinks the blocks from the translocaiton field, allowing you to take the field and use it for something else

/ps visualize

Shows you the perimeter of the pstone you’re standing on visually (only you will see it).

/ps who

Will tell you who is currently inside the overlapped force-fields you are standing on.