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BlockLogoPrecious Stones allows you to create protected areas, and also protect your camps by placing different blocks

PLEASE NOTE: you must be crouching to place the following blocks to have effect, if you don’t crouch normal blocks will be placed but not have any effect.


Defensive Blocks:

spongeCamp Protection

The most important block – crouch and place this anywhere in the wilderness to create a campsite, you can then build and destroy within this protected area, use /ps to further customise and enlarge your camp.

You can allow people into your fields using the allow, allowall, remove, and removeall commands. The allowall and removeall commands allow or remove the players into all of your fields. While the allow and remove command only work for the fields you are either pointing at or standing in. If your fields are overlapped, then standing in one will allow/remove players from all overlapped fields.

Here is an example of what you can allow:

Command Description
/ps allow [player] allows a player into your field(s)
/ps allow c:[tag] allows a clan into your field(s)
/ps allow * allows everyone into your field(s)






When you create a field, you will automatically allow your clan (if you have one) access to the field to be able to build.