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Thirst affects you all over the worlds, as it suggests the thirst level of your character will decrease over time and when low your character will start to feel the effects of being thirsty.

Thirst is affected by a number of factors:

  • Running or walking
  • Biome you are in (eg desert is hotter than mountain)
  • Armour you are wearing (heavier armour = more thirst)

You can cure your thirst by:

  • Magic
  • Going swimming
  • Drinking water bottles or potions
  • Eating watery food such as stew or melon

Different foods and drinks will give you more thirst than others.

If you do find your vision going dark, feeling weak and nausea and staggering then it may be your are too thirsty and will die soon, you will also get a message telling you of the impending doom.

Thirst will not affect you whilst afk.