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Taxes and Upkeep

Taxes and Upkeep are charged at the same time, each ‘Towny Day’  is 24 real-life hours. Any one can check how long until the next day starts by using /towny time.


Taxes are collected on the town level from residents and on the nation level from towns.

Any player can check the taxes which apply to them with the ingame command /res tax
Town mayors can use two commands to set their taxrates.

  • /town set taxes {$}
    • This can be either a flat rate (ex: 10) or a percentage.
      • Toggling taxes from flatrate to percentage is done using /town toggle taxpercent
      • Flatrate:
        • This charges each resident of a town the same amount. Setting it to 10 would charge each resident each ‘Towny Day’.
        • If a resident can’t pay his town tax when using flatrate taxation then he is kicked from the town.
      • Percentage:
        • This charges a player a percentage of their money. If a player has no money left, he pays no taxes and is not kicked from the town.
  • /town set plottax {$}
    • This charges each resident of a town for each plot they own. Setting it to 10 would charge Miner Steve 40 dollars if he owned 4 plots.
    • If a resident can’t pay his plot tax he loses his plot.

Nation leaders can use one comand to set a tax on their towns.

  • /nation set taxes {$}
    • This charges each town that is a member of the nation. Setting it to 100 would charge each town’s townbank 100 each ‘Towny Day’.
    • If a town can’t pay it’s tax then it is kicked from the nation.

Admins can set two options in the config.yml for controlling maximum tax amounts on towns. There is max_tax_amount which defaults to 1000 and max_tax_percent which defaults to 25%. Which one is used depends on how the town is taxing, a flat rate or by percentage.

How to pay landowners

Towny allows you to pay players money each day, based on the number of plots they own.
To use this do the following:

  • Set a negative town upkeep and enable use_plot_payments: true in the config.yml
  • At a new day the negative upkeep will be used to calculate the towns upkeep, but instead of taking it from the town, it will be divided between the plot owners.
  • These funds are paid by the server, not the town.


Upkeep collection can be set on towns and on nations separately. Upkeep money is taken from townbanks and nationbanks and removed from the game. You can set the upkeep amounts to negative numbers to pay towns and nations instead of charging them.
Upkeep is used by a server admin to remove inactive towns and nations from the server. Setting the upkeep to a negative number gives the town or nation-banks that amount each new day.

  • price_nation_upkeep: 100.0
    • The server’s daily charge on each nation. If a nation fails to pay this upkeep, all of it’s member towns are kicked and the Nation is removed.
  • price_town_upkeep: 20.0
    • The server’s daily charge on each town. If a town fails to pay this upkeep, all of it’s residents are kicked and the town is removed.


Town and Nation Banks

Towns and Nations both have banks, to which any resident can deposit money but only town mayors and nation kings (and assistants) can withdraw from.

Any money collected via taxes is deposited to the nation/town bank. When a town needs money, to claim a townblock or an outpost, it is taken from the townbank.