Local Chat, Speech, Messaging & Help Tickets

Get yourself heard


The chat system on byte is a local chat system which means that when you speak only players up to 50 blocks from you will hear you, if you want to speak to others outside this area you will need to message them or shout.

This has been done to avoid too much across world chat and to stop spam chat interfering with quest text which comes up on players screens.

Chatting to NPCs will also not be transmitted over the whole server.

  • Chat Normally people up to 20 blocks away will hear you
  • NPCs can hear you if you look directly at them as you talk
  • Moderators can hear from any range so behave.


  • If you need to shout to another player put a ! in front of text to yell to the server

example: !Hello everyone

  • To ask a question of anyone on the server place a ? in front of the text to have your question broadcast

example: ?How do I start a town

To contact people around the server with out shouting use the following:

  • /m /msg <player> <message> to private message someone who is online.

Example: /msg hmmcrunchy hi there

  • /mail (read/send/clear) <player> to send read or clear out mail messages of players who are on or offline

Example:/mail send hmmcrunchy hey see you when your on next

Example:/mail read

Example:/mail clear

If there is a Moderator or above online and you have a problem you can raise a help ticket

  • /t c – Creates a new ticket – a mod should then msg you to resolve
  • /t d – lists ticket as done, do this once you are happy issue is resolved
  • /t m – List mods online and working