The Northern Wastes

Test your Minecraft survival skills to the extreme…
iceTo the north of the Empire lies the frozen, snow covered wastes. Ice and snow cover the land stopping any farming and frequent snowstorms and the freezing cold are enough to kill anything exposed in the open air. Yet the people of the north still survive, The early settlers built huge glass domes to try and encourage plant growth in the icy climate, this failed and these now lie abandoned around the world. The North folk have since built cities in the few mountainous regions which provide some shelter from the freezing temperatures. Abandoning agriculture to feed themselves the North Folk have used their engineering skills to churn out mighty iron constructions from their forges, which they trade with the Empire for food and supplies, an arrangement that is essential to the North, and which has forged a close allegiance.


The capital of the north, Steam icebreakers sail from here to Spawntown ferrying good and passengers, the King of the North resides in his mighty fortress, High Forge. built into the mountain’s of Ravensburg. Finding the city can be the difference between life and death in this harsh world. The Huge Forges and press works churn out cannons, weapons and many other mechanical wonders giving the city the name of the “Arsenal of the Empire”


The Ancient Domes:

Previous explorers tried to survive in the harsh north using mighty glass domes, under which they tried to keep crops and live normally, this soon proved to be futile as the snows covered the domes blocking the sunlight and ended life within. The domes still lie scattered around the region waiting to be discovered.



The old kings of Ravensburg were very possessive of their lands, and set up a series of outposts scattered about the wastes watching for any invasion from the south. Who would want to capture such blasted wastes is beyond many, but the towers endure, and can be a good place to find loot.


Mountain Ranges:

The lands of the north are nought but ice and snow, occasionally though mighty spires of rock push through the surface high into the sky, forming rocky outcrops. Ravensburg itself is built into one such outcrop. They provide a mediocre but vital break from the freezing wind and provide shelter and the possibility of mining outposts

HOTH Generator Provided by orgin_org

This generator produces an icy world with a thick ice and snow layer and the occational snow covered mountain. Hidden below you might find tiny caves where life that once inhabited the surface still survives and perhaps you’ll find strange structures left over from some ancient civilization.



It also applies some extra rules to the world:

  • Ice block, packed ice blocks and snow blocks drops as blocks
  • Water placed in open air or above a certain level instantly freezes
  • Lava placed in open air or above a certain level is turned into stone
  • snow and ice does not melt
  • No rain falls, only snow
  • Plants doesn’t grow if exposed to the sky
  • Grass and mycelium dies under open sky if it can’t spread into safety
  • Slime does not spawn naturally above the stone layer
  • Stay out at night and you will take damage from the cold
  • Custom snow biome – mainly snow and ice
  • Scattered domes and research stations
  • FREEZE – don’t stay outside too long or you start to freeze, use fire / torches to warm up or get inside
  • Test your survival skills to the extreme in this harsh world
  • Towny enabled to protect builds