Questing - The Basics

Go on an adventure

Around Byteland many quests can be found and completed, from small collections quests from certain characters, to mighty rescue quests or storyline events.

As you step into the world you will see the guide in the start area, you may notice he has a note symbol over his head, this shows he has a quest for you that you are able to take. right click him to see the choice menu with all the quests listed you can complete, if you see a selection in the chat instead, don’t panic, just say the number of the quest  you wish to do.

There are 2 ways of getting a quest

  1. right click an NPC who has a note over their head to select your quest.
  2. Chat to NPCs who then may actually issue you a hidden quest depending on what you ask them.

Good or bad? you decide… some quests will give you extra exp or money when completed or give you special items, but on each quest you may find that in doing the quest you will affect your reputation in the town or with a house that is affected by the quest.  If a quest sounds evil (killing or stealing) then by taking it you may well gain money but your reputation may fall, or if a quest sounds nice (helping a shopkeeper or locating a lost person) then doing it will increase your reputation. But what you do is up to you..

Some quests can be repeated after a certain amount of time, others are one off quests only to be done once.