Be good.. be bad, your choice. but face the consequences


Going on a journey? then grab a water bottle or two to prevent yourself dying of thirst.



Make sure you know where the apothecary is and have a supply of medicines, take care of your health or cultivate disease to put into vials to throw into enemy castles.

Armour Weight

Want to run about at high speed in massive heavy armour? Well you can’t

Wearing more armour has a realistic affect on your top speed, heavily armoured troops can’t run as fast as leather clad agile runners


Visit docks to pickup cargo and move it other towns via ship to earn money. You may find you cannot TP with valuable cargo in your inventory, you will also find that getting out of mines with resources isn’t as simple as /home


Start your own company, employ other players and earn money stocking company shop chests. Enquire on the forums for trading space in the Newport warehouse.

Slime Fun

Get researching tons of extra machines items and items and improve your mining capacity, use /sf guide to get a free instruction book

Fire Buckets

Use water buckets to throw over fires to extinguish raging infernos quickly and save your ship or house from disaster.


More Mobs

Think you only have to survive the standard Minecraft horrors of the night? Think again!

Fight Giants, Possessed blocks, Wraiths and more

Salvage Smelter

Crafted the wrong thing? melt it down to recover the material

Dragon Shouts

Scattered around the world are bookshelves containing the mighty words of power

Learn these to increase your power

Ender Dragons

Not just for show… Find a rare dragonstone and use it to summon a dragon you can ride and control

Smoking Pipes

Kick back in the taverns with your dwarven pipe and tobacco.


Find research and hone your brewing and distilling skills to create the finest wine or beer in the land.

Exotic Garden

With tons of extra bushes trees and shrubs you can grow so much more – then harvest and craft into almost 100 new drinks and foods..