BYTE Server Rules

Please read the following before you join our network, and abide by them. We are not ogres (we are knights( and don’t want to punish anyone but in some cases we have to for the good of all on the server

Have fun and stick to the rules…

If you see any breaches of these rules inform a moderator in game or post on our forum – please include location and exact time so we can look on the server logs (we don’t just ban for the hell of it, we collect evidence before)


[1] Be respectful to others

Treat other players as you would like to be treated.

[2] No Swearing – it’s not necessary for a fun game

Younger folk play on this server as well , and swearing is not necessary for a fun game so we would rather you didn’t do it, to that end we do have an anti swear plugin on the servers which will give you a zap if you don’t comply

[3] Do not steal or damage other peoples’ buildings unless in a war

Although we have grief prevention in place there may be times when builds go unprotected, either due to players not understanding the plugins or not realising they need build protection, destroying their house is not the way to go – see rule 1! If there is a shack in the middle of nowhere that is fair game, if it is obviously part of a town that’s not protected don’t touch it unless in a town war. Use common sense.

[4] Do not built over/damage server infrastructure

Railways and server towns are there to help players and create an immersive atmosphere for their start on the server, damaging or destroying it is the number 1 way to annoy admins and get a ban

[5] Don’t damage quest buildings

The quests in the RPG server are there for everyone to enjoy, don’t destroy any areas related to quests and inconvenience the people who play after you.

[6] Do not spam chat or advertise – we have auto kick on for this

Request permission from an admin or mod before advertising anything, repeated spammers will be kicked automatically.

[7] Do not continually harass other players

PVP is great fun and a big part of the server, we actively encourage it as part of the server BUT.. we don’t take kindly to  people targeting certain players continually, killing them repeatedly every time they are on until they give up and leave. This isn’t constructive to the server or the players

[8] No threats or abuse to fellow players

We will not tollerate any racist sexist or other abuse toward any other player on the server, we are all here to enjoy ourselves, if some players don’ t follow this rule, we will all continue having fun after they have been banned.

[9] Follow requests of Staff

Admins and Mods have done a lot for the server and help it along managing support requests and keeping the peace on the server. It isnt easy to get to this rank so respect what they say and follow their requests

[10] Have fun

Not really a rule XD but that’s what we are all here for so DO IT