Shipping & Sailing regulations

Ship Piloting Rules

Please follow the guidelines below to ensure everyone can traverse the world easily and safely, and your ship is safe, both from raiding and being removed by admins.


Keep Seaways clear

When you leave your ship always try to put it out of the way not in the middle of a busy shipping lane so others can still get round it


Lock your ship

Using the precious stones plugin don’t forget to place a block of sponge inside the ship you are leaving, this will both protect the ship and stop it being sailed away.


Practice safe mooring

Be careful not to touch any wood structure with your ship when mooring, this may then connect up with your ship and lock your ship in place. An admin will then need to free you before you can continue.


No collisions at sea

Do not deliberately sail into protect zones to collide with server structures or other ships. Your ship may be removed and you fined


No blocking trade docks

When you moor at a trade dock, make sure there is enough room for at least one more ship. If a small dock or you are filling the last space there, make sure you move on before leaving your ship. DO not block the dock or your ship may be moved or removed


Dont block canals

Narrow sea ways or canals are there for easy world travel, blocking one may result in your ship and cargo being removed