The Southlands

Bleak moors and craggy lakes…

grassTo the South lies a remote land, the land it relatively undeveloped as are the people. The cold moors are broken only by fir trees, craggy cliffs and sea inlets.

The people of the south are course and hardy, they welcome the Empire to their lands and do not mind settlers taking up residence.

As a result of the alliance with the Empire, raids on the south by soldiers from Helion in the East have become more frequent.



To get to The South use the Viking longboat moored at the Spawntown warehouse, near the docks


The main town in the south sits on a fjord, and connects the old world via a longboat sail through the fjords out to sea.

From here the Chief rules the lands

Generator provided by Nordic – written by s1mpl3x

The Nordic generator provides a fantastic Nordic looking world with fjords, cliffs, lakes and rolling plains

Bukkit link :

  • Large world
  • Only fir based trees
  • Custom terrain – mostly visual changes