The Old World

The Empire and the Provinces…

The known world was  founded here on these very shores. Long the domain of the old races, the elves and the dwarves, the rise of the humans from a small village to the largest Empire the world has ever seen has caused many tensions.

The old world has many towns and cities within its boundaries, Ruled by the Emperor from the Imperial Capital Rivenhall it is divided into provinces each ruled by a Baron or Baroness each of whom swear fealty to him.

At the centre of the world are the Grand Docks at Newport, the trade hub of the Empire, centrally placed it’s ships trade with all four corners of the world and distribute supplies and material across the globe. It is also the destination for ships bound from the Northland, Southlands, the eastern Isle and the Western Seas.

Many towns have been built in this old world and many wars fought. Ruins of towns built near the beginning can be found overgrown and derelict. The main guilds and organisations have their bases in the old towns, which have been around longer than anyone can remember, save maybe the elves.

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