The Western Seas

Find your own island paradise…

seaAs the land stops at the western edge of Scarfell province, endless seas take over. But for the adventurous there are lands still to be found in the middle of the ocean.

The Western seas are full of small islands jutting from the waves.






The Capital of the Western Sea Islands. Haven is in reality both a haven from the sea, and from the law. Many pirates and mercenaries take refuge here from the Empire, very few are pursued. The Western seas is a idyllic banishment for meny.

Generator provided by IslandCraft

The stunning islandcraft generator creates an ocean world with small islands dotted in grid format, each island is compose of a unique biome.

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  • The World is mainly deep sea areas ideal for ship movements
  • Land is generated as small islands
  • Each island can be a different biome type
  • Towny is enabled for town protection