Movecraft Worlds



our very own plugin is now in action – allowing us to move immense capital ships pretty much lag free.. and also traverse the planets with ease check out the new features below so far..


  • Light speed jump craft above 550 blocks, all the way up to 50k! so you can now pilot that super star destroyer!!
  • Variable jump distance from book and quill first line up to 800 blocks
  • planetfall!! fly your fighter or cargo ship below 3k blocks into a planetary entry gate and be moved ship, crew and all to the planets surface.. and vice versa to return to space!
  • Use /crew to speak to the ships crew over the tannoy system, will also automatically broadcast jump to light speed warnings.
  • Build interdictor gravity wells and get them close to ships to stop them from jumping to light speed
  • Stop ships from jumping to light speed by surrounding them and obstructing their jump route.
  • reactor charging time, cool down after each jump attempt.