New Ship Weaponry

Now available for gun turrets two powerful new weapons

Ion Cannon:

Fire a beam of energy at your target, on impact will short electrical circuits to turrets in a 15 block radius of the impact, knocking out the controller cards from the turrets and requiring gun crews to repair the turrets by programming new cards or picking up the existing ones and putting back into the turrets.

No damage is caused but if used at a critical moment in a battle it can momentarily cripple a ships attack giving you the edge.

Ammo: Refined Khyber Crystal (beacon)


Heavy Blaster Cannon:

Very rapid firing light armaments, used to counter fighter attacks. The rate of fire and range is impressive as is the projectile speed, making thisĀ  a perfect weapon to counter fast moving ships. Each hit having a chance of breaking the block it strikes

It can also damage capital ship hulls quite badly, but has no effect at all on shields. Shield will deflect shots without reducing shield power so they have no effect at all on large shielded opponents.

Ammo: Enhance Blaster Power Packs (Splash arrow)