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  • Five different types of droids
  • Each with their own crafting recipe
  • Access the menu with function (DroidDocs) by using /droid
  • Click on a function to acquire it
  • Edit functions in an anvil
  • Right-click a droid to open its GUI
  • Click on the paper to open its program
  • Add paper to the program GUI to write a program
  • Explodes on error
  • Click on chest top open its inventory
  • Click on Command Block to execute the program

Crafting Recipes
They are all crafted using a dropper in the center

Writing programs
To write a program for your droid right click it and then enter its program GUI. Each droid type has a different amount of coding space. to insert code go to the ‘DroidDocs’ by writing /droid. Click on whatever method you want to implement in your program and add it to the GUI. The compiler of the droid will read the program left to right and will explode if there is an error. Always put the function ‘Stop’ or ‘Repeat’ at the end of the program cause you know how computers are…