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Heroes runs our class systems on the server, allowing you to pick one of our classes and advance automatically to new ranks giving you more permissions and skills, plus allows you to team up in a party to fight together.


General Commands

  • /hero – /heroes
  • /hero help
  • /hero armor
  • /hero choose <path>
  • /hero prof <path>
  • /hero paths
    • Only shows those paths which are set as ‘tier: 1’ in their class file
  • /hero reset
    • resets the player to the default class and wipes ALL experience/levels gained
  • /hero tools
  • /hero sidebar <none | all | info | party>
  • /hero skills – /skills
  • /hero specs
  • /hero leaderboard
  • /hero who <player>
  • /hero verbose
  • /hero suppress <skillname>
  • /hero scroll
  • /hero level – /level – /hlevel – /lvl
  • /mana
  • /health – /hp
  • /cooldowns – /cd
  • /bind
    • removes a binding for the held item
  • /bind <skill> [args]
    • adds a binding for the item being held to the skill specified, if the skill requires arguments they can be supplied


Skill Commands
/skills – /skilllist
/skill <skill> <args>


Party Commands
/party invite <player>
/party accept <player>
/party leave
/p <message>
/mode +[option]
/mode -[option]
/party who