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Kingdoms is a plugin similar to the popular Factions plugin, but with many changes to the gameplay. It allows a player to create his own Kingdom, protect land with the kingdom, and invade other’s land for resources (and for fun). Players can also trade in items for resourcepoints, to buy upgrades, turrets and boosts from their Kingdom’s nexus block.

For in game help use /k info



  • /k (Shows all commands)
  • /k nexus (Allows you to replace a block in your land with your nexus. )
  • /k info (Shows how Kingdoms works)
  • /k join [kingdom] (Use to join another Kingdom. Must be invited.)
  • /k create [kingdom] (Use to create a kingdom with the name.) kingdoms.create
  • /k claim (Use to claim land where you are standing. Costs 5 resource points, and awards 5 might)
  • /k unclaim (Use to unclaim one of your lands. Refund 5 resource points, but deducts 5 might)
  • /k invade (Use when standing on land that doesn’t belong to your kingdom. Spends 10 resource points to challenge their kingdom’s champion. If you win, you gain that land and 5 might)
  • /k show [kingdom] (Shows censored information on a particular kingdom. Doesn’t show their allies and enemies)
  • /k show (Shows your own information. Shows allies and enemies)
  • /k king [player] (Passes leadership of your Kingdom to another, turning you into a mod, and that player into a King)
  • /k mod [player] (Mods a player in your Kingdom)
  • /k demote [player] (Unmods a mod in your Kingdom)
  • /k kick [player] (Forcefully remove a player from your kingdom)
  • /k invite [player] (Invites a player to your kingdom)
  • /k accept (Accepts an invitation)
  • /k decline (Declines an invitation)
  • /k sethome (Sets kingdom home)
  • /k home (Goes to kingdom home if it is still valid, not claimed etc)
  • /k leave (Leaves your current kingdom)
  • /k ally [kingdom/playername] (Allies another kingdom)
  • /k enemy [kingdom/playername] (Enemies another kingdom)
  • /k neutral [kingdom/playername] (Neutralizes all kingdom relations)
  • /k map [on/off] (Shows surrounding territory) permission:
  • /k donate [kingdom] [amount] (Donates an amount to another kingdom)
  • /k chat [k,a,p] (Change chat settings)
  • /k tradable (Shows items that can and cannot be traded for resourcepoints)
  • /k top (Shows top 10 richest kingdoms in terms of resourcepoints)



Here is the information of the existent turrets in Kingdoms.

Arrow Turret

A turret that fires at moderate speed. Shoots normal arrows, dealing moderate damage. Strong against moderately armored single targets

Flame Turret

A turret that fires rapidly. Shoots arrows that set targets on fire, but deal lesser damage. Strong against lightly armored, moderate amounts of targets.

Healing Station

Heals surrounding kingdom members periodically. Stacks with each other. Doesn’t attack.

Psionic Totem

Damages all surrounding non-ally players with powerful Psionic strikes. Severely slows targets, while dealing 3 hearts of damage that ignores armor. Cannot damage players with 4 hearts or less, but will still apply severe slow. Does not attack non-players. Very strong in delaying players and disorientating them. Works very well with other turrets. Can hit through walls for a nasty surprise.

Hellfire Turret

A powerful rapidfire turret that fires dual charged arrows at long range. The highly improved version of the Arrow turret, with two times the damage and attack speed, and a longer range. Strong against moderate numbers of targets with heavy armor

Soldier Spawner

A mythical turret that can summon undead to defend your territory. Periodically summons zombie soldiers on targets. Can summon through walls. Does not target non-players. Very strong against targets with poor weapons.

Heatbeam Turret

A turret that sports a colorful beam to constantly fry your enemies. Can hit multiple enemies with one hit, though can only aim at one enemy at a time. Does constant damage to targets in range. Hits all enemies in between it’s target. Strong against moderately armored players and mobs, and if targets stays in range, strong against heavily armored players and mobs.