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Our very own plugin which controls all ships over 550 blocks in size (heavy fighter and up)  up to 50,000 block capital ships.


Creating signs

Create several signs around your ship, the direction the sign is facing will be the direction you will jump, so you may need one for each direction. the sign will look like this:

Line1      anything

Line2      Helm

Line3      Jump

Line4      100


Jumping to light speed

To start a jump, when you have piloted your ship just punch the sign, the ship will move the distance on Line 4 of the sign, to jump different distances get a book and quill, then on the first line of the first page write the distance (number only, do not sign) then punch the sign with the book. the ship will then move the distance written in the book, which you can alter.

Things to remember:

  • If a ship is blocking you direction then you will not be able to jump
  • if engines are still cooling from last jump you wont be able to jump
  • if the end position of the ship is not clear jump will be aborted
  • Crew will also be moved with you, all crew need to remain still during jump


Trapping a ship

You can stop a ship from jumping to light speed by

  • getting in the way – obstruct the ships path
  • Interdictor ships can turn on gravity wells, if in range of the ship it will keep it from jumping until well is destroyed or runs out of power.


Flying to planets

Each planet has a gateway on one side of the planet, the green markers denote access, stay away from the red markers as ships may appear from the planet surface there at any time, causing a collision.

crew will also be moved but will be teleported to the captain on entry to the world.


Constructing a gravity well

Place a dropper and fill with beacons,  then place an orb around it of emerald block. when a ship tries to jump it checks twice its width if the emerald block orb is big enough it will stop the jump to light speed, it will decrease the fuel (beacon) in the well by one, if the well runs out of fuel the strain will break the well and it will need repairing.



/crew – use to speak to the crew on your ship over the ships speaker system.

/ship – see how much health your ship has

/claxon – sound the warning claxon to all crew