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The roleplay aspect of the server is enhanced by our very own BYTE RP plugin, create your background by choosing your home planet, race ( affects your heroes stats for each race) age, gender, name and description of your character so people can read all about your RP history and background.

Json based so once you open your card clicking the fields will bring up the options for you allowing you to chose them without typing anything.



/card – show your rp card

/name – change your character name – also changes your nickname for chat

/age – change your age (used in denizen chat)

/gender – change your gender

/race – change your race – also changes your hero path giving different skills

/realm – change your home planet

/desc – change your character description


/droid <name> <message> – send messaging droid to another player for private chat, time is taken to travel between you and the target player