Held by the Jedi, Sith and other factions skilled at close combat. Their blades are almost  indestructible cutting through steel and shields a like.

Red Saber

The red saber

Red Saber

The red saber


The standard issue weapon for both the Imperial and Rebel forces, also used by the irregular forces throughout the universe such as spies, smugglers and assassins.

Imperial Carbine

Standard issue imperial blaster, quick firing 8 shot magazine, good damage and accuracy

Grenade Carbine

Rare imperial blaster, with thermal detonator launcher,  less accurate than standard blaster.

Heavy Blaster

Heavy imperial blaster, good rate of fire with 3 shot rapid fire and good damage

Repeating Blaster

Imperial support blaster, very rapid fire, good range, inaccurate unless operator crouched and targeting.

Rocket Launcher

Shoulder mounted anti vehicle rocket launcher.

Custom Blaster

Roped together with parts from the black market, it is not the best power or range wise but is easily built

Other Weapons

There are a large array of weapons other than blasters and sabers, mainly used alongside the standard weapons and also by spies and other characters to cause damage from afar.

Themal detonators and explosives to name just some.

Thermal Detonator

Small Grenade with tremendous power, Used to clear rooms and bunkers

Remote Explosives

Explosives that are applied to a structure or vehicle and detonated with a remote device


Laid on a battlefield before hand they are an anti infantry device to obstruct an armies advance